2015-16 Season
June 9 – June 26, 2016

Fallen Angels

By Noël Coward

One of Coward’s most popular comedies.

- New York Times

About Fallen Angels

With their passionless husbands away playing golf, a mutual long-ago lover announces his intention to pay Julia and Jane an impromptu visit. All in a fluster, there’s clearly only one thing to do: hit the bottle! Or rather, pop open the bubbly. Each successive glass loosens their tongues, hidden jealousies surface, the claws come out, and all attempts at demure behavior go out of the window. But it’s not until the unexpected early return of their husbands that the women’s evening really hits its frenzied peak.

Ensemble Theatre Company Presents: Fallen Angels by Noel Coward June 9-26, 2016; Directed by Andrew Barnicle, Paige Lindsey White (Julia), Joseph Fuqua (Fred Sterroll) , Mary-Pat Green (Saunders), Matthew Floyd Miller (Willy Banbury), Julie Granata (Jane Banbury) , J. Paul Boehmer (Maurice).



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