2014-15 Season
February 5-22, 2015

Intimate Apparel

By Lynn Nottage

Utterly capitivating

- Broadwayworld.com

About Intimate Apparel

Set in New York in 1905, this story of an African-American woman who sews “intimate apparel” for clients ranging from wealthy white ladies to prostitutes plays against a backdrop of cathouses, ragtime, and massive European immigration. Still unmarried at the age of 35, Esther’s life is upended when a foreign stranger starts to write her love letters, even though she harbors a secret love for an Orthodox Jewish tailor. Directed by  Saundra McClain. With support from Elaine and Herb Kendall.

Tell me about Intimate Apparel.  Why should I see it?

Partly a love story and partly a confrontation of race and religion, Intimate Apparel reaches across a century of discrimination and gender inequality to remind us that, deep-down, we’re all searching for the same things – a sense of purpose, a professional pursuit that makes us happy and, most importantly, someone to love us.  Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage has penned a striking play to keep us grounded in a time when we are too often focused on an external locus of control, disappointed by our outward appearance, or bound by a set of rules forced on us by our socio-economic class.

The play will resonate with anyone who has loved too hard, or too easily.  It will ring true to those who have missed their opportunity to be with “the one” because of uncontrollable circumstances.  It’s perfect for those who read Buzzfeed articles on “being your best self.”  Set in 1905, it is a window into the past, while simultaneously being a reflection of the present.  Beautiful costumes, superb acting, and dynamite story telling make this show a regular fixture in theatres across the county, and a must-see for Santa Barbara audiences.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.



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