2014-15 Season
December 4-21, 2014

The Best Brothers

By Daniel MacIvor

Comedy at its purest

- The Toronto Star

About The Best Brothers

The U.S. premiere of a new comedy. Kyle Best has been estranged from his brother, Hamilton, until their mother dies in a freak accident at a gay pride parade, crushed by a drunken drag queen. As the two brothers meet to iron out details of their mother’s funeral, they wrestle with the long-simmering questions of whom Mom loved more and who’ll get her dog. A hit at the Stratford Festival, this bittersweet comedy is surprising and touching. Directed by Brian Shnipper. 

What is The Best Brothers like?  Should I see it?

A bittersweet comedy about family, furry friends, and the unforseen, unplanned moments in our lives — The Best Brothers is sure to resonante with anyone who has had a spat with a sibling, felt an inseparable bond with a pet, or argued over the undeniable importance of chocolate cake.  The perfect fit for those who enjoy the awkward laughs and sentimental tears that come from the [often forced] family relationships found in Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited, or the recent book-turned-film, This is Where I Leave You.  Lover’s of last season’s Good People, or fans of the mismatched banter found in Neil Simon, Samuel Beckett, or Tom Stoppard plays will get swept up in the eccentricity of Kyle and Hamilton’s brotherly relationship.  Recommended ages 10 and up.



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