Extraordinary Times Campaign

The Extraordinary Times Campaign is vital – to replace lost income, to support interim programming and outreach programming for young people and adults alike, and importantly, to fund the measures needed to ensure that The New Vic will be a safe venue – for theater artists and audience members alike – when we once again experience live theater together.

Thank you to all of our extraordinary donors

who helped us exceed our goal!

The Joan Rechnitz $100,000 Challenge Grant

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our donors, we not only met but exceeded the Joan Rechnitz $100,000 Extraordinary Times Campaign Challenge.

You did it! Thank you!

The Extraordinary Times Campaign raised a total of $441,100 in support of ETC.

You helped put us over the top!

Thank you to our Extraordinary Times Campaign Supporters

Dan and Meg Burnham

Ann Jackson Family Foundation

Ellen and Peter O. Johnson

Jon Kechejian and Sandy Schoolfield

Jim and Elly Langer

Judith Little

Lillian Lovelace

John C. Mithun and Mercedes Millington

Nichols Foundation West

The Pulitzers

Joan Rechnitz

Joan Rutkowski

Missy and Chuck Sheldon

Shubert Foundation

Peter and Debby Stalker

Towbes Fund for the Performing Arts

Dana White

Zegar Family Foundation

Rebecca and Peter Adams • Carla Amussen • Fred and Roxana Anson • Betsy Atwater •  Gwen and Henry Baker •  Don and Ann Leslie Bankhead • Meredith Baxter •  Yvonne and David Bazinet• Eve Bernstein • Jill and John Bishop • Paula Bruice • Ginny Brush • Michele Brustin • Kandy Luria-Budgor  and Aaron Budgor • Leo and Melinda Bunnin • Helen Caldwell • Caplin Foundation • Suzanna Capone • Chris and Dori Carter •  Claude and Susan Case • Barbara Ann Clark • Julia Denny Clark • Gwinneth Clarkson • Chris Cornett • Nicholas Darrow • Roger and Nancy Davidson • Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Dingman • Mary Dorra • Sunny and Paul Fischer • Sarah Fox and Denny Klos • Connie Frank • Frank and Amanda Frost • Giles Family Foundation • Nancy and Frederic Golden • Elaine and Mike Gray • Vic Cole and Pat Green • Mark and Barbara Hacken • Cate Han • Lorraine Hansen • Valerie Harrison • Lorna S. Hedges • Diane Hester • Michael and Christine Holland • Donna and Daniel Hone • Jennifer Hone and John Beck • Sandra Howard • Pam and Bob Hyland • Jackie Inskeep • Martha Jaffe • Glenn Jordan and Michael Stubbs • Sue Kadner • Carol Kienzle • Bill and Linda Kitchen • Anna and Petar Kokotovic • Helene Segal and George Konstantinow • MaryAnn Lange • Sheila Leahy • Jonathan Lipsitz • Morgan and Christie Lloyd • Trinita Logue • Paul Longanbach and Donald Polk • Douglas and Martha Inman Lorch • Laurel Lyle and David Hodges • Kathy Marden • David Mason • Susan Matsumoto and Mel Kennedy • John and Ruth Matuszeski • Tom and Jan McBride • Margaret and Ronald McDuffie • Frank McGinity and Debbie Geremia • Barbara Meister • John Melack and Sally MacIntyre • Laini Melnick • Elaine Messier • Kurt and Alice Meyer • Barbara Moore • Barbara Moran  • Mosher Foundation • Mary Myers Kauppila  •Alison and Dimitris Nikitopoulos • Doug and Nancy Norberg •  Susan and Terry Northrop • Barbara and Owen Patotzka • Ms. Pauline J. Paulin • Mel and Lynn Pearl • Lanette R. Perry • Mr. and Mrs. Francis Peters, Jr • Deb and Ken Pontifex • Lisa Reich and Bob Johnson •Judith Rice •Jean Rogers • Rick and Regina Roney • Susan Rose • Adele Rosen and Barry Howard • Sybil Rosen • Ken Rosenzweig • Elizabeth Ross • Kevin and Susan Ryan • Hazan Samaiego • Maryan Schall • Karl and Patty Schmidt • Peter Schuyler and Lisa Stratton • Devin Scott • Violet Seltzer • Robert and Linda Short • Donald Simons • Tana Sommer-Belin •  Robert and Prudence Sternin •  Susan Stevens •  Jenny Sullivan •  David Swanson • David Tambo • Bob and Leah Temkin • Anne S. Towbes • Susan Van Abel and Eric Oltmann • Ed and Nadia Van Wingerden • Carol Vernon and Bob Turbin • Edward and Patricia Wallace • Kathy Weber • Mort and Judy Weisman • Derek and Beth Westen • Carol Wilburn and Charles McClintock • Penelope Willens • Parm and Frank Williams • Simon and Euzetta Williams • Leslie and Carla Wilson • Geof and Laura Wyatt

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