Those auditioning for ZOMBIE PROM: ATOMIC EDITION should first read the CHARACTER BREAKDOWN below to get a sense of the role(s) you want to be considered for and note their vocal range. Then, choose one Musical Theatre / Pop-Rock song that shows off your vocal range and ability.

NOTE: You do not need to do the entire song. We recommend performing at least 32-bars that include the most exciting vocal style and range.

For a resource of song choices check out this website:

A list of Pop-Rock Musicals 
How to perform Pop/Rock vs. Musical Theatre

There are various options for using an accompaniment track.

Let us know what song you would like to sing for your audition and we can connect you with an accompanist who will make a custom audio recordings free of charge. For additional information, contact Brian McDonald, Director of Education, at We understand these are difficult times, and we want to make this new process as easy as possible for you. If you already have a pianist that you work with at your school, choir, or in voice lessons, you can use tracks that they have made for you as well. We recommend that you request a track at least 3 weeks prior to the audition deadline which is May 15, 2021.

There are a few different YouTubers who have recorded piano accompaniments for singers. PocketPianist, OperaKaraoke, and Free Pianist are all great resources. Simply go to Youtube and search for the name of your song followed by “accompaniment” and you should find some good options.


Appcompanist is an app available on both the Apple Store and Google Play (Apple and Android). It has thousands of pre-recorded piano accompaniments that you can alter in both pitch and tempo to suit your needs. Appcompanist is $9.99/month and has a free 30 day trial for new users.

General Advice! Singing with a track is tricky! Make sure that you practice many times with your chosen track, so that the timing begins to feel natural and you can be as expressive as possible.

You don’t need fancy equipment to record your audition. Most cell phones have excellent audio and video recording capabilities. Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to a great audition recording!

Find a space where you can set up your phone to capture your singing, and make sure you can be seen from at least the waist up (not just your face). Prop it up on a desk close to head height or use furniture (or even stacks of books!) to situate your phone to get this angle.
Utilize natural light. Window lighting can help create a more flattering look than overhead lighting. Ideally, use the window as a side light.
Shoot on your phone with the selfie camera on front and with your phone laid on its side for a widescreen shot in 1080p quality. Record by either iPhone or Android. Click the links for more instructions!

Consider how the shot looks before pressing record. Does it look like a tree or wall hanging is growing out of your head? Maybe rotate the camera slightly to avoid that.
Center yourself in the frame and try to speak and look to the camera as much as possible to acknowledge the audience since you are supposed to be directly addressing them.

Find the proper place to put the speaker that is playing your accompaniment track. This needs to be somewhere you can hear it while you are singing, but also close enough to your recording device that it is audible on your recording. One way to do this is to play the recording through TV speakers, computer speakers, or by using a portable bluetooth speaker. Make sure you do a few test runs to check the balance. Good audio is important, so shut off any fans in the room, close the door to the room you are filming, and make sure there’s no background noise.

Before you sing your audition song please begin with the following:


It is easy to clip beginnings and ends of video clips, so you can record on your own. Just make sure you delete the parts where you are setting up the camera or walking into place so all we see is your awesome performance!


NOTE: Be sure to backup your file so you don’t lose all your hard work.

Most importantly: Have fun and enjoy making music!

To upload media to Dropbox by clicking the upload link below:


Add the file using the “Add files” button and click “Upload.”
Uploading may take anywhere from a few seconds to several hours depending upon the size of the media file and your connection speed. If your file is large, we recommend that you upload from a wired connection if possible.
Once your file has been received, you will see a confirmation that reads “Finished Uploading” ” You do not need to remain on this page after the media has been uploaded, as processing will occur automatically and independently.

Should you experience difficulties uploading your file, please ensure that you’re using a modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) on the fastest wired Internet connection available. An intermittent or slow Internet connection can cause uploads to timeout.

Questions or Problems? Please contact us at


TOFFEE LITTLE (Female Lead) Vocal Range: Soprano Belt, F3-E5

A senior; a good girl from the right side of the tracks. She is an A student, relentlessly positive and sunny (at least at the beginning of the story), and everyone’s favorite (think Gidget or Sandra Dee).

JONNY WARNER (Male Lead) Vocal Range: Rock Tenor, C3-C5

A senior who’s just transferred to Enrico Fermi High, having been kicked around from school to school his whole life. He presents himself as a sort of swaggering, James Dean-style rebel, but in truth, he is a pretty mild, sincere, and sweet-natured guy. An orphan, he has a hard time making emotional attachments (think Ross from “Friends”).

MS. DELIAH STRICT (Female Lead) Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano Belt, G33-A5

The comically domineering principal of Enrico Fermi High. Icy and hard on the outside, with a secret, bruised heart of gold. Good comedic timing (think Carol Burnett and Bette Midler).

EDDIE FLAGRANTE (Male Lead) Vocal Range: Baritone, D3-Ab4

a tough-as-nails, opportunistic tabloid reporter, desperate to land a big story. In the end, he finds himself rooting for the underdog and fighting for justice (think Geraldo Rivera but with Kevin Kline’s comic appeal).

CANDY (Female Supporting) Vocal Range: Mezzo Belt, F3-G5

One of Toffee’s best friends. She’s an overachiever; nervous, hyper, and always chewing her nails. She’s a member (and vice president) of every school club (think a young Marge Simpson).

COCO (Female Supporting) Vocal Range: Soprano Belt, F3-G5

An ace twirler, rarely seen without her baton. She has a seen-it-all, done-it-all attitude conveyed through a dry, sarcastic wit (think Jessica Rabbit with a dry wit).

GINGER (Female Supporting) Vocal Range: Non-Specific 

nerdy and sweet; tries too hard to be the teacher’s pet. If something’s up, she’s the first one to report it to the principal. While she ultimately means well, she often exasperates her friends. Toffee calls her a “snitch,” and she’s right (think Gilda Radner).

PEACHES and LITTLE DEBBIE (Female Supporting) Vocal Range: Non-Specific 

Twins, and the relentlessly perky co-captains of the Pep Squad. They certainly don’t have to be identical, but they act and dress alike, down to their prom dresses.

JOEY (Male Supporting) Vocal Range: Tenor, E3-F4

The captain of the football team, the captain of the baseball team, and the captain of any other team that involves a ball. Big, handsome, and not too bright, he is a genuinely nice guy, always willing to go to bat for his friends (think “duh”…).

JOSH (Male Supporting) Vocal Range: Tenor, E3-Eb4

Nerdy; an aspiring journalist, and the editor of the Fermi Gazette. He lacks any and all social graces, often saying the most inappropriate thing at the most inappropriate time. He’s never seen without his camera and notepad (think Pee Wee Herman without the voice).

JAKE (Male Supporting) Vocal Range: Rock Tenor, E3-F4

An overachieving senior. President of every club in school, and editor of the yearbook. Handsome and affable, he’s the kind of guy who usually gets voted “most popular” (Think Richie from “Happy Days”).

JASPER and JEFFERY (Male Supporting) Vocal Range: Non-Specific 

twins. They are co-principal clarinet players in the Enrico Fermi High Marching Band. Band Geeks before there was such a thing as Band Geeks. They don’t have to be identical in looks, but identical clothes and personality is fun.

ENSEMBLE (Male and Female ) Vocal Range: Non-Specific  DANCE TRAINING A PLUS
The various students that make up Enrico Firmi High… They are a very active presence throughout the show and appear in almost every songCovered from within the cast or these parts can be assigned separately to expand the cast: Assorted Parents, Secretaries, Copy boys, TV Floor Workers and Singers.

Note that the cast recording includes the full version. Below are the list of songs in the Atomic Edition.

1. Enrico Fermi High – Toffee, Jonny, Kids and Miss Strict
2. Ain’t No Goin’ Back – Toffee, Jonny and Kids
3. Jonny Don’t Go – Toffee and Girls
4. Good As it Gets – Toffee and Kids
5. Rules, Regulations and Respect – Miss Strict and Kids
6. Blast From The Past – Jonny and Kids
7. The Voice In The Ocean – Jonny and Toffee
8. It’s Alive – Jonny, Miss Strict and Kids
9. Where Do We Go From Here? – Jonny, Toffee and Kids
10. Trio (Case Closed) – Eddie, Miss Strict and Jonny
11. Then Came Jonny – Miss Strict, Jonny, Toffee and Kids
12. Come Join Us – Ramona Merengue, Eddie and Jonny
13. How Can I Say Good-Bye? – Jonny and Motorwise Guys
14. Easy To Say – Toffee and Girls
15. Isn’t It? – Kids
16. Forbidden Love – Toffee, Jonny and Kids
17. The Lid’s Been Blown – Eddie, Miss Strict and Kids
18. Zombie Prom – Full Company

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